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Mobile Sales & Inventory Management

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HandiFox is a leading mobile inventory tracking and sales management product. It allows businesses to automate their sales and supply chain pipeline and have comprehensive control over their inventory. HandiFox was created as an seamless extension of QuickBooks. It allows users to perform inventory transactions at the receiving dock, the shipping area, and the customer's jobsite, and send the results electronically back to QuickBooks. All transactions can use barcode scanning for speed and accuracy. Human transcription of data is eliminated, reducing cost and improving accuracy.

QuickBooks Inventory transactions such as Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoices, and Transfers are sent to HandiFox software running on mobile devices. In the warehouse, users can receive items, do inventory counts, and perform picking and packing for shipments. In the field, users can create sales orders, deliver items, capture signatures, and print invoices. Barcodes can be generated and labels printed with HandiFox. For service workers, Google Calendar appointments can be viewed and edited with HandiFox software on the handhelds. Transaction links can be embedded in the calendar entries.

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Key Product Features
  • Provides affordable inventory management with barcode scanning, using QuickBooks
  • Mobile computers with scanners can be used at the work locations.  Synchronization is done using Internet protocol.
  • Tight coupling of HandiFox and QuickBooks.  Transactions flow quickly to and from QuickBooks. 
  • No desktop software package to learn or install.   There are some setup and control menus inside QuickBooks, in a HandiFox folder.  
  • Training is greatly simplified compared to other programs because the transactions and data items are the same as QB.

HandiFox is sold as a permanent license for each handheld device which will be synchronizing with QuickBooks. The price is $1495 for HandiFox Sales, with all functionality. A reduced capability version, HandiFox Inventory, is $995. Support is free for 60 days, after which an optional support package is available for $375/year for Sales and $250/ year for Inventory.

  • QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, including Advanced Inventory features.  2009 and later US, Canada, and UK versions supported.
  • Uses QB SDK to communicate with QB company file.
  • IDAutomation: Barcode labeling design and printing for standard label sheets.
  • Google Calendar
Program Information

At The Sleeter Group, we believe that success in small business relies heavily on developing efficient business processes. Successful business owners are constantly seeking better accounting software, and accountants are always striving to keep up with the latest solutions in the marketplace so they can make the best recommendations. So each year, The Sleeter Group's Awesome Application Program recognizes the highest quality software solutions available in the SMB accounting software marketplace.

For 2016, we've added the newly developed Savvy Startup Award to our Awesome Awards program. This new award recognizes companies that provide awesome value, but have been in business for four years or less. Our Awesome Application Award remains an industry standard in showcasing companies that have been in business 5 years or more and provide the most productive and effective technologies and meet the highest standards of design, ease-of-use and conformance with appropriate accounting standards.

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Voting Period: July 20, 2015 - October 2, 2015




The 2016 Awesome Application Winners will be announced at SleeterCon 2015, Bellagio Las Vegas