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Haiden Turner

Winged Disc Technologies, LLC
Dallas, TX


Is your organization unique? Do you have special needs that don't fit into a "cookie cutter" or "one size fits all" supposed solution for a "small" business." Do so-called QuickBooks "consultants" balk at your requirements because they only know the basics? Winged Disc has extensive experience in handling the special needs of existing QuickBooks users as well as organizations looking for a new solution where QuickBooks might fit.  Mr. Tuner, the Managing Director of Winged Disc Technologies, is a Microsoft Certified Professional and has achieved the Microsoft Small Business Specialist designation, which is based on advanced knowledge of the Microsoft Small Business Server technology together with a high level of general knowledge regarding other Microsoft solutions, computer hardware, networking, and infrastructure. Additionally, Winged Disc has substantial experience with integration of various data sources and applications with QuickBooks in order to expedite the implementation of your system and to link or develop integrations between QuickBooks and other vertical industry or line-of-business applications. A QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 1997, Mr. Turner brings extraordinary experience and skills as a "Solution Provider", but takes the concept to the next level: not just providing, but delivering solutions.

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