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Karla Sasser CPA

the Cyber CFO at KSasser, PL

Simi Valley, California
[email protected]


I help companies become more efficient by evaluating their back-office processes. Do you want more time in your day to grow your business? Every business has 4 non-value add but essential back-office processes that can consume up to 200 hours of your time and have do-it-yourself cost of up to $10,000 annually. These processes, bookkeeping, tax, payroll and human resources, if not properly managed can cost you significant fines, penalties and even your business. By engaging a virtual CFO, we provide solid solutions to protect your assets, provide you with relevant information about your business and add more time to your day so you can concentrate on growing your business. By using state of the art technology, we offer a cost-effective fully functioning, accounting and HR department with highly trained staff and partners that have historically only been available to large companies. You will have access to the same tools, resources and information, which has been unprecedented for a small business. Entrepreneur Magazine has stated that two of the traits of good decision making is knowing how to manage resources and being able to see and seize opportunities. Your competition has recognized the value in engaging a virtual CFO, if this sounds interesting to you, contact Karla Sasser, CPA the Cyber CFO. Karla Sasser is an accomplished accountant, internal auditor and author with more than 20 years’ experience in information technology and accounting. Her areas of expertise include Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, corporate governance, enterprise risk services and IT auditing. Karla specializes in helping organizations identify and solve problems involving business processes and controls. Core competencies include: • Integrating new production systems into compliance process; • Evaluating workflow and implementing process improvements for finance testing; • Collaborating with IT to implement application level controls and secure systems; • Creating efficient test of control plans by consolidating and eliminating duplication. Specialty areas: accounting and internal audit management, controls rationalization, efficient and effective problem solving, cost reductions, audit efficiency, technology integration, regulatory compliance, process improvements, and team building.

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